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Jonas Frede

OvGU Magdeburg

I'm a PhD fellow in Germany. My research revolves around combinatorial optimization.

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Research and Teaching


I am a fellow of MathCoRe which means Mathematical Complexity Reduction and is a research training group funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). You can also read a more detailed description of my research project and browse the webpages of my supervisors Gennadiy Averkov (who by now is a professor at BTU Cottbus) and Volker Kaibel.


Before pursuing my PhD, I worked as a student tutor and corrector for various lectures and tutorials, both in Magdeburg and Berlin.

After starting my PhD, I gave tutorials and exercise sheets in Combinatorial Optimization during the Winter Semester 2018/19 and Introduction to Mathematical Optimization during the Winter Semester 2019/20, where I also corrected the weekly solutions of all attending students.